6 Tips for Relaxing time just for you

woman walking in the waves along the ocean, relaxing

                      My favorite way to relax, walking on the beach

Have you thought about the last blog on getting me time? Well, here’s how. These are tested and in practice by me,  6 tips to get relaxing time for yourself. You hear all the research on prolonged stress yet we, that’s including me just keep going. I encourage you to bless yourself with even 10 minutes a day for relaxing. It’s worth the discipline until it becomes a habit. You will feel the great results.

  1. Take 10 minutes in a room, door shut, eyes closed and blank out everything. If you can’t quiet your mind like I couldn’t, practice and keep trying…. It will happen. Those few minutes can be the quick refresh you need. I’m a firm believer in making a plan for work-life balance.
  2. To help quiet your mind from everything, try the Deepak Chopra “So Hum” meditation. So Hum is an Indian mantra that can be translated to I am.
  3. Have your on-line article, book or CD everywhere you go. There is always a few minutes of waiting for something or someone, use it for me time.
    1. In our tech world of accessible apps, there’s no excuse not to read or listen to something for even a few moments while you wait.
    2. A friend turns Ted Talks on in the background
    3. I play a subliminal message music CD or soothing music because it keeps me calmer and more focused.
    4. Bonus Tip: Put the phone on mute for 50 minutes. Yes you can!
  4. Play a quick game of solitaire, Soduko, or anything to change your mindset. It’s a fun break.
  5. Get out of the house – walk the backyard, walk the dog around the block, or go somewhere whatever fits at the time.
  6. Work on planning me time. Branch out to bigger things and more time for yourself. Have lunch or dinner out on a set schedule monthly (extra points for weekly), call a friend or send a message daily, turn off TV and read, have date night or family night plan, or whatever makes you stop and enjoy
  7. Get up and go sit on a chair in another room. This may sound crazy but it works for me! Why, you left the scene and stopped.

I know you can do this! Realize people care about you, depend on you/ be good to yourself; staying healthy and living. Get your de-stress time.

Bonus tip: Laugh! Here’s the greatest 2 hour video for frequent laughing. Try it!

P.S. If this video doesn’t get you laughing, call the medical examiner, you might be dead.




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