4 Tips for successful Mentorship

Mentorship programs are gaining popularity at companies to create better engagement, career planning, company loyalty and retention of stronger, top notch work teams. Some companies take great pride in a formal program where employees are either recommended for inclusion or fill out an application. These mentorship programs continue to develop by staying current, flexible, and […]

Is apprenticeship a smart career path for you?

Are you looking to change to a completely different career without losing paychecks? An apprenticeship gives you income while you learn with the added bonus of potential job at the company upon completion. Jobs are sponsored by employers providing you on-the job training, study, and wages. Your wages increase as you advance through the apprenticeship […]

What can I do, I have no college degree?

Are you a job seeker worried about having no college degree? Stop sabotaging your search by thinking you won’t get a job and look at these results. Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., did a study and found 136 occupations requiring a high school diploma or equivalent. Occupations found are paying at least $20/hour. Though I believe in formal education, […]

6 Tips for Relaxing time just for you

Have you thought about the last blog on getting me time? Well, here’s how. These are tested and in practice by me,  6 tips to get relaxing time for yourself. You hear all the research on prolonged stress yet we, that’s including me just keep going. I encourage you to bless yourself with even 10 minutes a day […]

Are you willing to be a beginner to get ahead?

What would it be like to step out of our comfort zone and be a beginner? Alice realized she hadn’t stretched before because she didn’t want to be a beginner instead of knowing my job well. She realized starting to learn German could help her be promoted to work with their major client. I’m going to attend […]

Seize limitations and spark creativity

                                 Enhance Creativity thinking beyond limitations How can creativity overcome a hand tremor? Imagine for a moment the precise brush strokes and steady hand needed by artists. Their paintings catching every detail. I had that image in my mind as I was watching a Ted […]

Do you live in Positive Expectancy?

Do you live in Positive Expectancy?   What does it mean to live a life of positive expectancy? Positive expectancy is a belief and thought process that affects your personal attitude, your attitude toward others and your success. To me, it’s believing you can take whatever comes and make it better perhaps even great. A […]