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Our career workshops take you through a unique individualized experience, guiding you through a self-discovery and career awareness process. Your participation sharing your experiences, together with Career Role Models stories exemplifying challenges and obstacles that are part of life, help you step up with greater strength, confidence and determination so you can become the person you are meant to be.

Career Workshops are presented as weekly webinars. Call Claudia for your free career tips  consultation 262-758-0859

Career Coaching for men and women looking to make a transition to a new company, change career fields, or transition to retirement. Let’s chat about your needs 262-758-0859.


Workshop 1:  Mindset – Our thoughts create our reality.

  • Learn powerful techniques for a positive Mindset that changes your life
  • Develop your Personal and Professional Bucket List
  • Realize you are not your circumstances
  • Gain insight to making better choices and decisions to turn your life in a new direction
  • Envision the career life you desire and be empowered to begin to step up to your potential

Workshop 2 – Take the Lid off! Your potential is in there

  • Discover the talents and capabilities you already possess and can capitalize on
  • Uncover your passion and potential to gain more fulfillment in your career
  • Gain confidence to make choices to get you where you want to be

Workshop 3 – Your Inside Scoop

  • This career workshops answers the questions: What do I really want out of life?  Who am I?
  • Determine you core values that guide you personally and professionally
  • Decide what legacy you want to leave
  • Understand your passion that aligns with certain careers

Workshop 4 – Wow! Look at the Career Role Models

  • Become engaged in the Career Role Models journey to success
  • See the endless opportunities unveiled for women
  • Learn how to navigate through uncharted water from the experiences shared in the Career Role Model Portfolio
  • Create your personal and professional circles of influence for the step up to your potential

Choose the path that suits you and your desired life; an Employee or Entrepreneur 

Workshop 5 – What I bring to the table, My Resume

  • Create your Image, just 10 seconds to make an impression
  • Learn to create a simplified power resume
  • Develop a resume that will work for you

Workshop 6 – Make it a Conversational Breeze- the Interview

  • Learn to interview powerfully via the Interview Conversation Technique©

Workshop 7 – Corporate is not for me, I’ll be a business owner instead

  • Learn the difference between being a business owner and being an employee.
  • Create your Image, just 10 seconds to make an impression
  • Answer and confirm your question, “Do I have the right stuff to make it?

Workshop 8 – “Practicing First things first to get your business successfully started”

  • Determine the important steps to work through to begin a successful business.

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