Is apprenticeship a smart career path for you?

5-11-16 you looking to change to a completely different career without losing paychecks? An apprenticeship gives you income while you learn with the added bonus of potential job at the company upon completion. Jobs are sponsored by employers providing you on-the job training, study, and wages. Your wages increase as you advance through the apprenticeship becoming more skilled. According to the Department of Labor, the average wages are $50,000 per year during apprenticeships. Here’s how you can dive in to a new opportunity.

“At the successful completion of the on-the-job and instructional learning, apprentices receive an industry-issued, nationally recognized portable certificate of completion.”

Consider the Apprentices and Participation Trends

  • Individuals nationwide entering the apprenticeship increased by 44% since 2010
  • In FY 2015, over 52,500 participants graduated from the apprenticeship system.


  • You perform the actual work and study to earn a qualification. During the apprenticeship you gain the skills and knowledge for the position.
  • Training on the job also develops a greater confidence in your decision to that career and the work environment.
  • Going with a registered apprenticeship means it meets national standards and is approved
  • Having the industry credential gives you a greater opportunity for hire.


  • Certain fields engineering, medical and some science require a minimum of a bachelor degree.
  • Apprenticeship programs on average last about 4 years. Depending upon the work, it can be one year or as many as six years.
  • You will need patience for your income to grow. Starting may be $15/hour until you reach Journeymen Wages.

Now on to exploring the opportunities!

Resource Sites for Apprenticeships:

  • ApprenticeshipUSA Community of Practice. It’s an online resource to share information and learn from peers regarding the innovative strategies and partnerships being used to train U.S. workers.
Disclaimer: States vary in their regulations for apprenticeship programs. Be sure to check the state you will work in.

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