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Career Role Model announces the Mentorship Program

women-owned businessesAs a workshop participant, would you like continued guidance from a mentor in the Career Role Model Portfolio? Your mentor will inspire and guide you step up to your career potential. Many of the Career Role Models have expressed interest in being a mentor; and are waiting to  assist you in your continued career journey. 

The Career Mentor Program is an important resource of the Career Role Model Program. Workshop participants are welcome to complete the form below to meet a career mentor that will assist you on your  journey to step up to your career potential. You and your mentor can communicate through phone, Skype, E-mail or getting together in person throughout the six months and beyond as mutually agreed upon.

Career Role Model Program Mentorship Match teams up Mentors with interested program participants that are determined to step up to their career potential. We review to your request for a similar career field or personal story that may form a mutual benefit. Final selection for the mentorship match is the decision of the mentor and mentee participant.

Fill out the form below for more information!  To be in the program as a mentee, you must make a six-month minimum commitment and agree that you are responsible to make your own decision when you seek advice from your career mentor. Mentors are a resource to counsel you based on their experiences and career knowledge. Mentors are in no way responsible for your success or failure, you are.

By registering you agree that Career Role Model Program, Inc. (CRMP) has no liability for the mentorship match or relationship. The ability to participate as a mentee or mentor is based on the number of volunteers for the Career Mentorship Program. CRMP may revoke participation of any person at its sole discretion to maintain the quality standards of the mentorship program.

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