Bonnie – Graduating high school, I didn’t say let’s go to college…


Manager – Food processing

Briefly describe what knowledge, talents, and abilities help people succeed in this profession: Computer, flexibility in hours, tolerant, self motivating, ability to motivate others, understanding, math skills, thinking outside the box

 Suggested or Required Training/Education: Food science / business / or work experience

Professional Development is key to success. Please share your career development story:

I wasn’t the one that graduated from high school and said let’s go to college and make something of my life.  My parents had a good life and didn’t go to college so I could too. At the age of 18 I was pregnant.  Two kids and 5 years later I was fighting to just stay afloat.  The Social worker I was dealing with actually helped me go to college, find child care and give me the light at the end of the tunnel I was looking and hoping for. I went to school and received an Associates degree in Electronic Engineering technology. I worked different jobs, some dealing with the degree, some not, but with each job I found new and interesting ways of learning about something. Each step I took opened up new doors of opportunities for me. 

I didn’t find a job in the field right away after graduated so I took a job as a Customer service rep selling cell phones via the phone.  That job actually gave me experience and I received a job in my field 30 days later trouble shooting satellites over the phone.  I was driving 45 minutes one way to work daily for 5 years and thought I needed a change.  I took a less paying job as a production clerk.  Within one year the knowledge I received opened the door to a supervisor position.

During the next 4 years I took Supervisor classes and soaked up any other information anyone was welling to teach me.  Still in learning mode I took a job as a SPC coordinator and from there went to Operational Services Manager.  The Operational Services Position has allowed me to take on special projects, one being the back up for the Operations Manager.  In this position I am responsibly for the day to day operations and have 5 supervisors with about 100 employees reporting to me.  I will never stop learning and trying new things.

There were jobs I thought I would not like but after trying them I found out I liked them.  There were jobs I was dreaming of and found out it wasn’t what I was looking for at all.  Never stop trying new things you may be surprised where it will lead you.

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That which does not kill you makes you stronger ~ Neitzsche