From Sales to Chef and Entrepreneur

From Sales Director to Chef - Chef Vickie's story

From Sales Director to Chef – Chef Vickie’s story

Are you thinking of going from employment to entrepreneurship but not sure you dare make the leap? Meet our Career Role Model, Vickie as she shares her career change from Director of Sales to become a Chef and entrepreneur.


Chef/ owner of Tasty Impressions

The knowledge, talents, and abilities she suggest to help people succeed in this profession:

The number one trait that a chef must possess is a love/passion of food. Organizational skills are also needed since you will be cooking more than one order at a time. Math skills used to be needed, however, the programs today will calculate all food costs and budget the spending. Of course, I still like to challenge myself by doing it manually. The last skill needed is customer service. Make your customers happy and they will tell others. In fact, they will tell others no matter what. No matter what you do in life, you must give it your all. Bend over backwards to please your customer. You want them to have a good overall experience with your service or product.

Suggested or Required Training/Education: Graduated from Florida Culinary Institute, and Graduated from French Culinary Institute in NY. Cooking with a multitude of famous chefs.

Vickie’s career development story:

I was working as a director of sales in Manhattan, making a top salary and living in a plush high-rise. My doorman took care of everything from calling a cab, taking in a package, to protecting us in the building. You would have thought I had a great life, but my face said otherwise.

My Dad noticed this when I came to visit him and my Mom in Brooklyn. I felt guilty being unhappy. My Dad told me I could never quit anything when I was a child, whether it was sports, brownies or anything I promised to do. I could however, choose not to do the activity the next year.

When I told him how unhappy I was, he told me, “Life is short, quit and do what makes you happy”. I thought, “Ok, what have you done with my Dad. Bring him back right now!” I managed to breathe in and out and quit my six figure job to go to culinary schools. My Dad passed away 4 days prior to my starting Florida Culinary, but at least he was able to taste all the sweets I learned to make in Pastry School. Since then, I have worked with incredible chefs, owned a restaurant, and will continue to cater and teach for a long time to come.

Vickie is the proud owner of Tasty Impressions.

Vickie’s favorite quotes: 

You are never too old.    Never trust a skinny chef.

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