Gabrielle – Cashier & Student


Cashier & Student

Briefly describe what knowledge, talents, and abilities help people succeed in this profession:

I’m a people person and enjoy working around people and helping them out.  Being a cashier at a grocery store allows me to do work I enjoy while getting my education.

Suggested or Required Training/Education:

To be a cashier a high school diploma is required. The stores vary but typically give you a couple of weeks of on the job training.

Professional Development is key to success. Please briefly share your career development story:

When I started working as a cashier I was still in high school. Since I graduated I’ve been telling myself that I could do better than a dead end job .My mother wasn’t happy that I wanted to go to a university so I had to take the ACT test  that a normal high school student takes during high school after graduating. With the support from my husband and grandmother I applied to UW-Parkside and I start in the fall of 2012 in the nursing program. I am also going to take a certified nursing assistant class before I start in the fall.

 Your favorite or inspiring quotes: 

Don’t throw your pearls among swine.