Ginger -Therapeutic Bodywork

Ginger - Therapeutic BodyworkGinger – Therapeutic Bodywork


Briefly describe what knowledge, talents, and abilities help people succeed in this profession:

Current:     Listening to people, empathy, compassion, attention to details, a passion to make people feel better and help them on their journey to wellness.     Prior Career: Project Management skills, attention to detail, listening to people, team player, desire to make the client’s job easier, budgeting skills,  finding the right people for the job at hand.

Suggested or Required Training/Education:

Current:    Massage Therapy Training, Clinical Nursing Training, Physical Therapy or the like.  State Licensing is required to touch people for healing purposes.   Prior Career: Bachelor’s Degree, Project Management Certification or MBA, is needed in today’s market.

Professional Development is key to success. Please briefly share your career development story:

When I graduated high school, I was unable to stay in college due to daily brutal migraines and severe backaches.  Instead, I attended a technical school for Medical Office Management.  My first job was for a medical doctor as the office manager and medical assistant.

I left the medical assistant field to gain a higher paying job as a corporate secretary.  Due to my medical knowledge, I secured position of secretary at a Pharmaceuticals Clinical Research department.   There my love of computers and teaching people to use computers really blossomed.  I was lucky in that I moved up the ladder during a time when computer science was just coming into existence.    I started Community College at night o move into the computer field.  My “get it done” attitude, and my ability to work extra hours to “get it done”, I was promoted to Financial Analyst/ Programmer with the Corporate Finance Department.    Whoops! Division was sold, I was forced to find a new job quickly.

My next position came as the only computer person for the company’s Chicago office.  My husband and I bought our first house.  AND THEN LIFE HAPPENED!  The partnership of the company split causing tension at work.  Our new house flooded badly, causing us to get a small business loan for the repair.  My husband got cancer and died.  I had to sell the house, and my step daughter had to move out too.  I was within a hair’s breadth of bankruptcy.  I moved in with a lady from church to save money.  In a period of just 12 months, I lost everything including my family.

The turning point in life came when a major pharmaceutical company called me and offered me a position with their computer department since I had a unique programming skill they needed.  They were willing to pay me well and move me to Gurnee, IL.   I bought a small condominium and started life again.  My willingness to listen to what people wanted and needed helped me succeed.  I was able to put in extra hours, be on call at night, and work weekends when needed.  I realized I had trouble giving speeches in front of people, so I joined Toastmasters to hone these skills.  I took project management classes, and attended many seminars to keep skills sharp.  Because of this dedication I was promoted four times in my 20 years there.   The company I worked off spun off when a new owner purchased them causing most of us lose what we thought was going to be a really good retirement pension.  My attitude was, “at least I still have a job”.

Big bump! My management made it clear that to advance any further than Manager of Sales Force Automation, I would need an MBA (Masters of Business Administration).  An MBA would take 2 years of night school and many thousands of dollars.  I took two years to think about what I really wanted to do.  I never dreamed that the answer would end up being going to school to become a massage therapist.  But that is what happened.  At almost 55 years old, I “retired” from the corporate world, and went to school to be a massage therapist.  School was hard and took almost 1 year.  I graduated among the top in my class.

I’ve taken over 200 hours of advanced training to learn more therapies and be able to serve the public as a true therapist.  I’ve now returned to my roots in the medical field by learning Therapeutic Massage, Oncology Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, and Geriatric Massage.

The theme to my life has been,  “ Set yourself apart by working harder than most, have a unique skill set, and always keep learning”.  My business is Ginger M. Tierney, LLC.  The theme of my business is “Living Your Radiant Wellness.”

 Your favorite or inspiring quotes:  “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”


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