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Business & Life Coach in Australia

Briefly describe what knowledge, talents, and abilities help people succeed in this profession:
To be a successful coach we must be prepared to ” be the change,” meaning you must live your version of an authentic life, be true to your hearts desires and then coach from that place. A good coach must be compassionate as well as an extraordinary listener and work from a place of service and honor for the clients journey.

Suggested or Required Education:
Find a coaching program that resonates with you, there are many. I trained with Jack Canfield. I love the Jim Rohn quote that says ” we must be prepared to work harder on ourselves than on our business”, continued personal growth is a must.

Professional Development is key to success. Please briefly share your career development story:
I realized at an early age that I lived in a time and place of great opportunity and all I needed to do was figure out what I liked doing and find a way to generate an income doing that. My first Entrepreneurial enterprise was a cake making business where I supplied local café’s with good quality home-made cakes whilst I went to cooking school.

I went on to own my first restaurant at 23 which I loved. I then became a mum and things changed however I wanted to be at home with my baby so I developed another cake business, this time on a bigger scale which I continued to do for 10 years and 2 had more babies. After that I joined my then husband in his business to help him develop it.

At 40, I was over working in the construction industry and wanted to work with women, this is when I decided to follow my love of helping others to find their own solution and started working with woman, co-facilitating workshops on women’s mysteries.

I then decided to get some formal training and did a year- long coaching program with Jack Canfield. I then went on to develop my own workshops working with the laws of attraction and the rest is as they say History.
Your favorite or inspiring quotes:
” Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi
” Before enlightenment chop wood carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood carry water” Buddha


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