Laura Lee Career Role Model – Postal carrier

 Laura Lee

Letter Carrier

Briefly describe what knowledge, talents, and abilities help people in this profession:

My job requires a willingness to work hard outdoors in all kinds of weather. Office duties include filing, keeping track of multiple regulations and routes.  On the street it helps to be friendly, courteous and able to solve a problem or know who to call about mail problems.

 Suggested or Required Training/Education:

Being a postal carrier requires a high school diploma and a valid driver’s license. The Post office offers a class on how to take the clerk/carrier test. I would not have passed the test without the class; it was well worth taking.

Professional Development is key to success. Please briefly share your career development story:

I came to the Post Office after traveling with a carnival for three years. I liked the structure of each day, regular hours and regular assignments that the post job offered. I was very active in the union, which led me to learn all I could from the various handbooks and manuals pertaining to the carrier craft.  Now, I am often the “go to person” when people have unusual needs or questions.

Your favorite or inspiring quotes:

Keep moving forward. Plan your work then work your plan.                                                                                  You + a Goal + a Plan = Success