LeAnn – Entrepreneur & Dog Lover


Entrepreneur – her business is homemade dog treats and custom items for dog lovers.

Briefly describe what knowledge, talents, and abilities help people succeed in this profession:
You will need to do a lot of research to find just what you’re looking for. Establish a network for business spreading by word-of-mouth.    Attend Dog Shows, Conventions and send for as many catalogs that are related to your business.

Suggested or Required Training/Education:
Work at a retail store to understand just how the mechanics are applied in this type of business to see if it is the right fit for you.  Attend seminars that are related to your interests and take notes.

Professional Development is key to success. Please share your career development story:
 I am a graduate from Kenosha College of Cosmetology and from there 9 to 5 office positions to warehouse work.  I got married, raised 2 boys and then learned I have Multiple Sclerosis.

It was uncertain with my disease that I could hold a job so I started with part time jobs. I got to thinking, about my passion for animals especially dogs. I started making dog treats for friends and the Safe Harbor Humane Society in Kenosha.  I also volunteered when I could.

I realized that there are very limited places that you can take your dogs to and I found my niche; a dog café.  For many years I researched, studied, planned and organized.  I sold my treats at fairs, markets, stores, groomers and dog day cares. Now, I am as close to my brick & mortar building as a kiosk in the mall.  This is my first step to my dream of owning my dog café.

Please share your favorite or inspiring tip or quotes:
Never give up hope even when it looks like it will never happen. Keep your niche in your heart and never give up.

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