What can I do, I have no college degree?

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Can I get a job if I have no college degree?

Are you a job seeker worried about having no college degree? Stop sabotaging your search by thinking you won’t get a job and look at these results. Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., did a study and found 136 occupations requiring a high school diploma or equivalent. Occupations found are paying at least $20/hour.

Though I believe in formal education, I know that everyone’s learning and financial situations are different.

The most important thing is finding a career
you enjoy.

The following career fields require  no college degree and little or no on-the-job-training.                                               

  1. Transportation, storage and distribution managers
  2. Supervisors of non-retail sales workers
  3. Business Operations Specialists
  4. Interactive Customer Gaming or Casino Gaming positions
  5. Equipment workers for the media and communication fields
  6. Legal support positions
  7. First Line supervisors for installers, mechanics, construction, or repairers
  8. Property or community association Managers

Being dedicated, inquisitive, eager to learn new things, communication skills, and knowing how you can make a difference at the company can be the trump card for a hiring manager’s decision.

I remember hiring a Purchasing Clerk with no college degree. She presented logical thinking, eagerness to learn, desire to have a career path, and communication skills; all the critical skills to have. I knew we could train her on various processes and reports. She wanted the job and was ready to dive in and learn. She proved to be excellent contributor and continued to grow with the company.

Walk in showing you are confident of your abilities to help the company and ready to step up to your potential.

Don’t you know people with no college degree just as skilled and educated by taking classes, webinars, on-line programs and instructional YouTube videos? Today’s on-line classes are easily accessible, often free to you, and available when you are. These trainings can also help you broaden your knowledge and often lead you to discover what really interests you.

For more information see the full article at CareerBuilder

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